Visiting CIPS

CIPS is headquartered in UC Berkeley’s Campbell Hall, located along the Hearst Mining Circle in the northeast area of campus.

If you are visiting or are a speaker for a scheduled seminar, please come to the main administrative office in 501 Campbell Hall and we will be happy to direct you to your meeting or appointment.

Our office and seminar speaker coordinator is Mark Hayden. You may reach him via email at <> or (510) 642-5725

Public Transit
Parking around campus is very difficult, so please try to use public transportation whenever possible. BART schedules and AC Transit information are available online. Visitors can travel from the Downtown Berkeley stops to the Hearst Memorial Mining Building via Campus Shuttles.

Campus Parking
There is a limited amount of hourly parking on the second level of the Lower Hearst parking structure at Hearst and Euclid, and there is additional public parking in other campus locations.

Metered Street Parking
There is limited meter parking (1 or 2 hour maximum) on Hearst Avenue and adjacent streets. Non-metered spots surrounding campus require a special permit
for longer than two hours.

Public Parking Structures
The City of Berkeley operates public parking structures that are adjacent to the Berkeley campus.

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