Philip S. Marcus

Marcus, Philip

Philip S. Marcus

Department of Mechanical Engineering - Professor of Mechanical Engineering

UC Berkeley
6121 Etcheverry Hall, Mailstop 1740
Berkeley, CA 94720-1740

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Specialty areas

Algorithms, atmospheric flows, convection, fluid mechanics, nonlinear dynamics, numerical analysis, ocean flows, turbulence..



“High S/N Keck and Gemini AO imaging of Uranus during 2012–2014: New cloud patterns, increasing activity, and improved wind measurements”, LA Sromovsky, I de Pater, PM Fry, HB Hammel, P Marcus, June 2015, Icarus, vol. 258 pp. 192–223, doi:10.1016/j.icarus.2015.05.029. — PDF



“Dramatic Change in Jupiter’s Great Red Spot”, AA Simon, MH Wong, JH Rogers, GS Orton, I de Pater, X Asay-Davis, RW Carlson, PS Marcus, March 2015, Lunar and Planetary Science Conference, vol. 46 pp. 1010. — PDF


To view a complete list of Professor Marcus’ publications from previous years, please visit the Computational Fluid Dynamics Laboratory website.