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Other CIPS Research

Eugene Chiang, Professor
Chiang and his collaborators have research interests in theoretical astrophysics, with an emphasis on understanding the origin and evolution of planetary systems, both extrasolar and solar. Current research areas include:

  • The Edgeworth-Kuiper Belt
  • Extrasolar Debris Disks
  • Protoplanetary Disks
  • Extrasolar Planetary Dynamics
  • Planetary Rings
  • Planet and planetesimal formation

Imke de Pater, Professor
De Pater's primary interest is planetary science. Current research areas include:

  • Adaptive Optics Imaging on Uranus, Neptune, Titan, Io, and asteroids
  • Radio Observations of Jupiter's synchrotron radiation, comets and giant planet atmospheres using VLA and BIMA (and soon: ATA and CARMA)
  • Taiwan American Occultation Survey of Kuiper Belt objects (TAOS) and in the outer Solar System (KBO)
  • Red Spot, Jr. (a collaborative project with Phil Marcus, UC Berkeley)

Máté Ádámkovics, Postdoctoral Researcher
Ádámkovics studies Titan's atmosphere and surface using near-infrared spectroscopy.


Center for Integrative Planetary Science (CIPS)
University of California, Berkeley, Department of Astronomy
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