For those who already have a campus parking permit:
Your "C" or "F" permit will allow you to park legally in the lots at SSL.

For those who do not hold an annual campus parking permit there are two options:

  • 1. Arrange to purchase a permit to park in the SSL lot. The most convenient parking near the SSL complex requires a special day permit for those who don't already have a UC parking permit. Cost for a day permit is $8 (cash only, please) but you must arrange it in advance by emailing Barb Hoversten (
  • 2. Park in the Terraces Public (pay) parking lots below the SSL complex. If you did not arrange for parking in advance: these "Terraces" lots are located below the SSL complex on Centennial Drive, across the street from Lawrence Hall of Science (about 250 yards down the hill from SSL). There are 4 levels of lots here, but SSL visitors are allowed to park only on the lower three levels. The top level is reserved for the Mathmatical Sciences Research Institute. There are stairs from the Terraces lots to SSL: 100 of them! At the top, turn right towards the parking lot of the Mathmatical Sciences Research Institute, cross the lot, and proceed up the driveway to the left to reach the SSL buildings. A day permit is required to park here (and campus parking police strictly enforce this!). There is a machine where you can buy your daily or hourly parking permit -- it is located out in front of the Lawrence Hall of Science near the street.
  • 3. FREE parking! There is street parking off Grizzly Peak, which is a short walk (1 minute) from the SSL complex. To find the free street parking when you are coming from campus on Centennial Drive, simply drive past the turnoff into SSL. At the stop sign (Grizzly Peak Rd.), turn right. You will see cars parked along Grizzly Peak lining the street on both sides and in the dirt parking lots. Park here. There is a trail cutting through to SSL so you don't have to walk along the street. Everyone from SSL parks here, but there is mixed information about whether it is legal. If you don't want to take any chances, simply pay to park in the Terraces Lot below the SSL complex. See photos below for more details on this "free" parking alternative:
There is free parking along the street on Grizzly Peak. It's a short walk to the SSL complex. The workshop will be held in the main building, room #105. You can't miss it! Do not park in these parking spaces unless you have a "C" or "F" campus permit.