Astronomy and Earth & Planetary Science 250
Center for Integrative Planetary Science

The Physics and Observations of Rocky and Icy Planets:
A Reading and Discussion Seminar

Fall 2009: Papers for Reading, Presentation, and Discussion

Mondays 12:00-2:00pm, 265 McCone Hall, UC Berkeley
Statistically Significant Refreshments Included

Mon, Aug 31
Organizational Meeting:
Michael Manga: Introduction to the Structure of the Earth
Geoff Marcy: Introduction to Exoplanets.

MONDAY, Sep 14:
   "Observations of Exoplanets"

Johnson et al. , "Invited Review on Exoplanets" (2009)
Discussion leader: James McBride

Mayor et al. , "The HARPS search for southern extra-solar planets" (2009)
Discussion leader: Andrew Howard

Mon, Sep 21:
   " Interior Physics: Introduction "

dePater and Lissauer " Chapter 6: Planetary Interiors"
Discussion leader: Zack Geballe

Jeanloz 2007 " High-Density States through Shock-Wave Experiments"
Discussion leader: Dylan Spaulding & B.K. Godwall

Breuer and Moore "Dynamics and Thermal History of the Terrestrial Planets, the Moon, and Io "
Discussion leader: Leif Karlstrom & Michael Manga

Mon, Sep 28:
   "Planet Formation "

Lunine "Dynamical Models of Terrestrial Planet Formation"
Discussion leader: Tess McEnulty & Daniel Perez-Becker

Mordasini,Alibert,Benz , "Extrasolar Planet Population Synthesis I. Method"
Discussion leader: Edwin Kite

Mordasini,Alibert,Benz,Naef, "Extrasolar Planet Population Synthesis II. Comparison with Observations "
Discussion leader: Andrew Howard & Sloane Wiktorowicz

Krause et al. "Formation and Architecture of Young Planetary Systems "
Discussion leader: Aaron Lee

Mon, Oct 5:
   "Rocky Planet Formation"

Kenyon and Bromley "Terrestrial Planet Formation I. Oligarchic Growth to Chaotic Growth"
Discussion leader: Daniel Perez-Becker

Marcus, Stewart, Sasselov, Hernquist "Collisional Stripping and Disruption of super_Earths"
Discussion leader: Zack Geballe & Burkhard Militzer

Ogihara and Ida "N-Body Simulations of Planetary Accretion Around M Dwarf Stars"
Discussion leader: Aaron Lee

Kenyon and Bromley "Rapid Formation of Icy Super-Earths and teh Cores of Gas Giant Planets"
Discussion leader: Bruce Buffett & Edwin Kite

Mon, Oct 12:
   "Models Meet Observations: Kepler "

Overbye, "Kepler: NY Times"
Discussion leader: Tess McEnulty

Borucki et al."Kepler: Search for Earth-Size Planet"
Discussion leader: James McBride

Snellen et al. , "Changing Phases of the Extrasolar Planet CoRoT 1b "
Discussion leader: Sloane Wiktorowicz

Gaidos, Haghighipour, Agol, Latham,Raymond,Rayner "Earth-Sized Planets Close to Other Stars "
Discussion leader: Michael Manga

Raymond, Barnes, Mandell, "Observable Consequences of Planet Formation Models in Systems with Close-In Terrestrial Planets "
Discussion leader: TBA

Mon, Oct 19:
   "Structure: Geodynamics"

Sleep "Evolution of the Mode of Convection within Terrestrial Planets "
Discussion leader: Ved Lekic & Max Rudolph

Kite, Manga, Gaidos"Geodynamics and Rate of Volcanism on massive Earth-like Planets"
Discussion leader: TBA

Mon, Oct 26:
   "Structure: Moons and SuperEarths "

Moore "Tidal Heating and Convection in Io "
Discussion leader: Alyssa Rhoden & Dylan Spaulding

Seager,Kuchner, Hier-Majumder,Militzer, "Mass-Radius Relationships for Solid Exoplanets "
Discussion leader: Burkhard Militzer & Leif Karlstrom

Mon, Nov 2:
   "Structure: Exoplanet Diagnostics "

Goodman and Lackner , "Dynamical Tides in Rotating Planets and Stars"
Discussion leader: Max Rudolph & Ved Lekic

Figueira, Pont, Mordasini, Alibert, Georgy, Benz "Bulk Composition of the hot Neptune GJ436b"
Discussion leader: Geoff Marcy

Barnes, Jackson,Raymond,West,Greenberg "HD40307 Planetary System: Super-Earths or Mini-Neptunes?"
Discussion leader: Alyssa Rhoden

Mon, Nov 9:
   "Water and Cycles "

Hirschmann, "Water, Melting, and the Deep Earth H2O Cycle "
Discussion leader: Ved Lekic

Withers, Hirschmann, Tenner , "The Effect of Fe on OH- Content of Olivine: Implications for Extraction of H2O from martian Mantle"
Discussion leader: Ved Lekic

Raymond, Quinn, Lunine, "Final Assembely of Earth-Like Planets 2: Water Delivery and Habitability"
Discussion leader: Leif Karlstrom

Wiktorowicz and Ingersoll " Liquid water oceans in ice giants"
Discussion leader: Max Rudolph

Selsis et al. "Identifying Hot Ocean Planets with CoRoT, Kepler and Doppler Measurements"
Discussion leader: Ryan Maas

Mon, Nov 16:
   "Super-Earths: Interiors "

Valencia et al. 2007 , "Detailed Models of Super_Earths: How Well can we Infer Bulk Properties?"
Discussion leader: none

Valencia, O'Connell, Sasselov "High Pressure Experiments Determining Super-Earth Properties "
Discussion leader: Zach Geballe

Adams, Seager, et al. , "Ocean Planet or Thick Atmosphere: On the Mass-Radius Relationship for Solid Exoplanets with Massive Atmospheres "
Discussion leader: James McBride

Schlaufman and Lin "Super-Earth Formation as Revealed by Kepler "
Discussion leader: Isamu Matsuyama

Mon, Nov 23:
   "Super-Earths: Atmospheres "

Miller-Ricci, Seager, Sasselov, "Atmospheric Signatures of Super-Earths: Distinguishing Hydrogen-Rich and Hydrogen-Poor Atmospheres "
Discussion leader: Ryan Maas

Pierrehumbert "Principles of Planetary Climate "
Discussion leader: Tess McEnulty

Palle et al. "Earth's Transmission Spectrum from Lunar Exlipse Observations "
Discussion leader: Matt Fillingim

Mon, Nov 30:
   "JWST and New Large Telescopes "

Kaltenegger and Traub , "Transits of Earth-Like Planets"
Discussion leader: Paul Kalas

Seager,Deming, Valenti , "Transiting Exoplanets with JWST "
Discussion leader: Mate Adamkovics

Brown,T. and Latham,D. , "False Positives with Transit Surveys "
Discussion leader: Aaron Lee

Hinz, Kenyon,Meyer,Boss,Angel "Seeing Another Earth: Detecting and Characterizing Rocky Planet with Extremely Large Telescopes "
Discussion leader: Edwin Kite

Mon, Dec 7 :

Zahnle et al. and Sleep " Emergence of a Habitable Planet"
Discussion leader: Lucianne Walkowicz

Gaidos et al. , "A Review of Terrestrial Planet Habitability"
Discussion leader: Max Rudolph

Davies, Benner, Lineweaver, McKay , "A Shadow Biosphere "
Discussion leader: Leif Karlstrom

Mon, Dec 7 again:
   "Special Topics: "

Kuchner and Seager "Extrasolar Carbon Planets "
Discussion leader: Geoff Marcy

Gaidos et al. , "26Al and the Formation of the Solar System from a Molecular Cloud Contaminated by Wolf-Rayet Winds "
Discussion leader: Aaron Lee

Treiman "Venus' Bulk and Mantle Compositions: Are Venus and Earth Really Twins? "
Discussion leader: Margaret Pan

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