CIPS Planet and Star Formation (PSF) Seminar

Spring 2017

Time: 3:00pm-4:00pm, Wednesdays
Location: Campbell Hall 131A
Organizers: Burkhard Militzer

The Planet and Star Formation (PSF) seminar is intended to foster local collaboration between Berkeley researchers working in related fields. Our goals are to keep abreast of PSF-related research developments at Berkeley and, more broadly, to educate ourselves about new research and topics of interest in the field. Some not-too-onerous preparation in the form of background reading is strongly encouraged for attendees; check the calendar below for week-by-week details.

The format of the sessions is intended to be fluid, and will be decided each week by the organizer(s). As long as it is interactive and educational, anything goes. We ask that each week's organizer assign background reading or other preparation one week in advance, and reserve the last 10 minutes of each session for updates from the group on research developments. Here are some suggested formats that you might adopt:

Intro Day- Introduce yourself with 3 slides.

Person Day - If you've published a paper recently or gotten some cool new results from a telescope, we want to hear about it. You can sign up for a whole session to give a longer (~30min) presentation about your work. Be sure to assign some background reading and structure your presentation to leave plenty of time and opportunity for discussion.

Topic Day - If there's a PSF-related topic that you've been meaning to educate yourself about, please include the rest of us! You can sign up (perhaps with a buddy) to assign some background reading and discussion questions for the next week's session. If you can find readings that address the topic from different perspectives (observationally and theoretically, or from a planetary science and astronomical point of view), so much the better.

arXiv Day - For the brave of heart. If you sign up for arXiv Day, the other members of the group will email you throughout the week with arXiv papers that they would like to discuss, and you are responsible for preparing some discussion material.

PSF Journal Club - If there's a recent result you'd like to get other perspectives on, sign up to present a paper as a journal club. This is another type of session that may be best done with a buddy, particularly if you can find two papers in related fields.

Proposal Day - When there are big proposal deadlines coming up, we can run ideas by each other and brainstorm ways to combine the awesome powers of our variegated group membership.