Astrobiology Discussion/Reading Group

U.C. Berkeley
Center for Integrative Planetary Science

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Spring Semester 2003
Meets: Tuesdays 4:30pm

Every other week:
Feb. 4, 18, Mar. 4, 18, . . .

501 Campbell Hall

for Tuesday, 18 February:
Readings Compiled by Greg Delory

"Acrobat" files:

Wickramasinghe, C.
"The Beginnings of Astrobiology"
International Journal of Astrobiology (2002), 1:77-78

Cockell, C.
"Astrobiology-a new opportunity for interdisciplinary thinking"
Space Policy Volume 18, Issue 4, November 2002, 263-266

Farmer, J.
"Astrobiology Space Missions: What Will We Find on Mars, Europa, . . . ?"
Astrobiology 1 (2001), 350ff.

Drake, M. & Jakosky, B.
"Narrow horizons in astrobiology"
Nature Volume 415, Issue 6873, 733-734 (2002)

Des Marais, D. et al.
"Remote Sensing of Planetary Properties and Biosignatures on Extrasolar Terrestrial Planets"
Astrobiology Vol. 2, Issue 2, p.153

McKay, C.
"Astrobiology: All Alone After All?" (review of Ward & Brownlee, Rare Earth)
Science2000 April 28; 288: 625a

Soffen, G.A.
Adv. Space Res. Vol. 23, No. 2, pp. 283-288, 1999

Future Meetings

In March we will read and discuss the book Rare Earth.

Participants: please suggest reading materials for future meetings.

We will have a half-day workshop in early May; Email Imke de Pater to suggest potential speakers & topics. We will soon decide on whom to invite to this meeting.