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Core Faculty

Some 45 Berkeley faculty members contributed the ideas in CIPS's original planning proposal.

Jill Banfield, Earth & Planetary Science & PI for Berkeley's NASA Astrobiology Program
Kristie Boering, Chemistry and Earth & Planetary Science
Bruce Buffett, Earth & Planetary Sciences
Eugene Chiang, Astronomy, CIPS Director
Ron Cohen, Chemistry
Greg Delory, Space Sciences Laboratory
Imke de Pater, Astronomy
Geoffrey Marcy, Astronomy
Raymond Jeanloz, Earth & Planetary Science
Robert Lin, Physics & Space Science Laboratory
Jere Lipps, Integrative Biology
Michael Manga, Earth & Planetary Science
Phil Marcus, Mechanical Engineering
Geoffrey Marcy, Astronomy
Burkhard Militzer, Earth & Planetary Science and Astronomy
Mark Richards, Earth & Planetary Science
Richard Saykally, Chemistry

Director of CIPS:
Eugene Chiang, Astronomy

CIPS Assistant to Prof. Marcy:
Barbara Hoversten

Center for Integrative Planetary Science (CIPS)
University of California, Berkeley, Department of Astronomy
Hearst Field Annex, MS 3411, Berkeley, CA 94720-3411
(510) 642-8678