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Administrative Services Guide List

BERKELEY,CA 94720-3411
PHONE: 510-642-8678
FAX: 510-642-3411

WELCOME! This is intended as an administrative guide for CIPS students, postdocs and faculty. If you don't find what you're looking for in the Guide, ask one of the staff listed in the contact directory given at the bottom of this page. Information by functional area is detailed in the pages that follow. All travel reimbursement, ordering, and hiring are handled through RES, a centralized administrative unit on campus. Barb Hoversten can help facilitate communication or administration with them, if needed.

The following forms are available online. More detailed instructions for using these forms are provided in the procedural guidelines below.

Contact Person:
RES or Nina Ruymaker
Purchasing: On June 15, 2012, all RES Supported units officially went live in BearBuy. All new purchases and reimbursements for goods and services will be initiated and processed using the UCB BearBuy system. To log into BearBuy, simply go to Blu and enter your CalNet Id and Passphrase.From the Blu portal home page, click the “Buying” tab. Then Select “BearBuy (Full Suite 2012)”

Contact Person:
Go to the RES website for more information
Email for RES Academic Personnel
Email for RES Staff Personnel
Email for RES General Payroll questions
Hiring: The University has strict requirements regarding hiring approvals, listing positions, and salary. Once a person is hired for a position, there are a number of actions that must take place. Your human resources RES contact prepares the hiring paperwork for all academic, staff & student appointments. See him/ her well in advance of your need to post and fill a position to ensure that your needs are met with minimal effort. He/she can also provide information on health benefits and other personnel issues.
Timesheets for Hourly Employees: Blank timesheets for hourly employees are available from the list of forms at the top of this page. They need to be submitted by Fax or mail to RES monthly prior to the payroll deadline (listed on the timesheet).
Visas: INS regulations change often, and are stringent and unyielding! Know what the limitations may be on your visa status! Check your with human resources RES contact before making any plans, changes or promises regarding visas for employment of international employees.
Workers Comp/lnjuries: Work related injuries MUST be reported to campus offices within 24 hours of the injury. See your human resources RES contact immediately if you are injured, or are the supervisor of an injured person.

Contact Person:
Barb Hoversten, Astronomy Department (bhovers@astro.berkeley.edu)
Airline Tickets: The campus has agreements with a few local travel agencies for airline tickets --Barb Hoversten can information on these agencies. After you reserve your flight(s), we can prepare the Central Travel System (CTS) form to charge the tickets directly to your extramural funds. Alternately, you can charge the tickets to your University-sponsored Visa/Master Card or personal credit card, and receive reimbursement via voucher on completion of your trip. If travel is being paid by a federally funded grant, all air travel (foreign or domestic) must be aboard a U.S. flag carrier, via coach or economy class.
Electronic reimbursement: This electronic funds transfer (EFT) system is separate from the payroll EFT, and is used for travel and related reimbursements. Complete the form posted online. Print, sign and send to Disbursements with a deposit slip. Once in the system you will receive prior e-mail notification of your processed reimbursement, and the funds will be deposited into your bank. Contact RES if you need a hard copy of the form.
Reimbursement: Submit all travel receipts and forms to RES for reimbursement. Email the completed travel form (above) to RESreimburse@berkeley.edu.

Contact Person:
Troy Williams in RES (troywilliams@berkeley.edu)
RES is responsible for all post award activity; that is, fiscal administration of the award funds for the Principal Investigator and Co-Investigators. The RES person assigned to budgets/ grants for CIPS is responsible for any administrative issue regarding proposals/awards including, but not limited to:

  • correspondence with the funding agency,
  • charge numbers (recording numbers) for copying, mail, Fed Ex,
  • computing & other miscellaneous research expenses,
  • travel reimbursements,
  • page charges, etc

Contact Person:
Bill Boyd (bboyd@astro.berkeley.edu)
Bill is the System Administrator for the Astronomy Department. Direct your general questions and trouble-shooting requests to him. To establish an account on the CIPS server, complete a Computer Use Authorization form (see the forms list at the top of the page) and return the completed & signed form to Bill Boyd in Hearst Field Annex, room B122. Questions about the CIPS webpage may be directed to Barbara Hoversten (bhovers@astro.berkeley.edu).

If you are unsure who to contact regarding administrative issues related to this grant, please contact Barbara Hoversten (bhovers@astro.berkeley.edu) or Department manager, Lee Borrowman (manager@astro.berkeley.edu).


Center for Integrative Planetary Science (CIPS)
University of California, Berkeley, Department of Astronomy
Hearst Field Annex, MS 3411, Berkeley, CA 94720-3411
(510) 642-8678